Let's fill your home with beauty!

Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming." - Alice Walker

The beauty you will find in your home will be from more than just pretty pottery. It will come from the joy you find in the little things and the love you give to others. This year I want to challenge you to fill your home with beauty. Fill it with memories, things that inspire you, conversations that grow and challenge you, and lastly, with love by giving to those around you. 

My pottery will not magically help you do those things, but it can certainly help remind you to see beauty in your everyday or even show others beauty in their everyday through the joy of giving.

Let’s fill our homes this year with beauty from the inside out! 


Maple Leaf Pottery

Pottery For Your everyday

At Maple Leaf Pottery we love handmade and homemade crafts, which is why we opened up an online shop. Our goal is provide beautiful pottery for the everyday and for everyone! 

We mostly do custom orders but also work to keep stock on our site for those of you wishing to purchase a gift for a loved one or friend. Get in touch to find out more. You may not see exactly what you are looking, but we can certainly try to create it for you!


Why Maple Leaf?

You might be wondering why I named my business Maple Leaf Pottery. It isn't one thing that made me decide on the name, but rather a random mismatch of childhood memories. As a kid, I loved putting maple syrup on pancakes that my dad would make for breakfast every Saturday morning, camping at Seven Maples Campground, and watching the beauty of the maple trees changing in the fall.

All these things add up to making maple leaves something that bring me joy, comfort, and happiness. I hope through owning a piece of my pottery you will experience more of that in your everyday life. I hope you take time to enjoy maple syrup on pancakes, take in the fall foliage, and sip some wonderful coffee from a beautiful mug handcrafted just for you!