Handcrafted Dinnerware

When it comes to dinnerware, we think handmade is powerful! 

As much as I love using paper plates in a pinch, I’ve found that using handmade dinnerware gives my meals a more intentional approach. From picking out which dish I’m in the mood for to choosing which recipe to try out and of course the clean up and washing at the end, I really enjoy settling in to make and enjoy my meal. 


We think meal time should be inspired.

Our sets are handcrafted to inspire you to bring delicious handcrafted meals to your table. Build your own set from each piece to mixing and matching colors. Not sure where to start, send us an email!



set of four starting at $120

If you are just looking to start with a touch of handmade pottery into your kitchen, a set of bowls is a great place to start.


Dinner Plates

comes in 7" or 9 "

sets of four starting at $135

Elevate your meals with handmade plates to match the quality and creativity of your beautiful family meals.


Set of Mugs

set of four starting at $120

Bring the warmth of your new favorite mug to everyone who visits your home with sets of handmade mugs.


Low Bowls

set of four starting at $135

A favorite in the Lagarde home, these low bowls are perfect for stir fry, ice cream sundaes, or whatever suits your fancy. 

Coming August 2022

Coming soon