A mug for every season

My fascination for mugs didn’t actually start with handmade pottery.

Do you remember those mugs Starbucks make with the different cities on them? The "you are here collection" and all that. Well, those were first collection of mugs I started scooping up.

I began collecting them in high school when I traveled with family, for school trips, and road trip during college. Each mug held a beautiful memory. My Boston reminded me of home, the Florida mug, reminded me of my first layover in the airport on my way to my freshman year of college. The DC one, of my senior trip. I’m often forgetful and these mugs brought me joy reminiscing these fond memories.

Eventually my friends and family caught on to my obsession and I began receiving these as gifts. Now the beautiful memories became reminders of celebration and connection. Mugs to celebrate a new job in a new city, mug to celebrate a birthday trip somewhere, or a fresh start.

So now as a mug maker myself I’ve loved choosing mugs that hold a memory or the start of something.

Lately, that’s look like a mug for tea to start my throwing sessions of pottery, a mug for my nightly relaxing tea, the mug I use for morning coffee depending on how my day is stacked (this one changes hands weekly if not daily), my maple leaf mug reminding me of strength and endurance, and even the set of mugs Paul and I use for Saturday morning coffee - cuz I love to be matchy-matchy a lot.

I think mugs can be a powerful tool in our lives for habit stacking, remembering a vacation or formative moment, or a tool for connection with friends and family. So no a mug for every season doesn’t have to be just summer, fall, winter, spring but a way to bring us back to ourselves in this busy world where we always push forward to the next thing.

So what about you, I’d love to hear stories of you favorite mugs or even if you want to start using a mug as a reminder to start something new and I can cheer you on! Just send me a message on instagram or an email at mapleleafpottery19@gmail.com.

Need a mug to start a new chapter or celebrate something new? I have a Bold & Blue collection launching Friday July 1st at 8 am. This collection has been reminding me to see adventure this summer with my paddle board and find inspiration in things trying new things in new places.

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