Carving out a lens to see beauty in the change of season

I post more updates on instagram than I do on my site here and I am hoping to eventually change that but for now here's a little post to catch you up on this month's topic - BEAUTY IN THE CHANGE OF SEASON.

In the past (and some even now) I have clung tightly to what I want the future to hold. But with every piece of pottery I turn on the wheel, I find this strategy for life become less and less appealing.

Paul started a new job this week - a job that I held my breath for because I just didn't know what it would bring. And let me tell you, a few months ago I had to just give up and stop asking for updates, stop planning what life would look like and just let Paul make the decision and do the work he knew was best for our family. I was causing undue stress on myself (and maybe even Paul) because I wasn't focusing on the beauty IN the change of season - which is ironic because I love when the leave change and I never ask them to turn faster or give my input on how many days there should of autumn.

So this month, in my business and personal life I am practicing seeing the beauty in the change of season and not trying to predict the beauty (and sometimes chaos) outside the season I am in.

A few ways I am in doing this is practicing awe by imagining my past self seeing where I am today in my business, my battle with anxiety, and where I have come since graduating college. This helps me remove a lot of external comparatives I fall prey to that don't serve me. I'll never reach that point in which I make it but rather I have found that seeing where I am, the today, the joys and failure along the way, brings me peace knowing I am growing despite my constant fear of not being good enough.

Another way is practicing gratitude for what I have in my today. I tend to jump the line in imagine what's next which quickly turns into focusing on what I can get versus sitting humbly in the presence of what I do have. This is something Paul and I have been practicing for months now at the end of our days but I have found it helpful to curb my worries in the mid day when I stop focusing on the season I am in. I know I am truly blessed to have the supports I do in running this business and being here on this earth.

The last way I have focused on beauty in the change of season is by getting outside and doing what I love - which lately has been paddle boarding. I often get stuck thinking "well if we just had x it would be easier to do y or once this season is done I will have more time for...." and then I rarely follow through on the plans to go see beauty in my current season. June Liz made space in her summer schedule to give now me the time to enjoy those things. August Liz though....has definitely found some hurdles (read excuses) to not follow up with those things. So this past weekend, Paul and I really did take a last minute paddle board adventure up to Echo Lake in Franconia Notch to honor our commitment of getting out on the water more.

I wish I could tell you I am finding more beauty that I am worry in this change of season but that wouldn't be true. But I promise you I am practicing my butt off by carving out a lens to see the beauty every time a fear or worry creeps up.

I hope you get a change to the same this month because I think there is a lot of beauty coming your way, too!

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