In the words of Fritz Weatherbee....

Let me tell you a story.

I didn't set out to become a potter...and to be honest I don't always know where I want to end up either.

It all happened by accident when I was pursuing my interior design degree at Mississippi College. I needed to take an elective and I didn't want to be stuck writing papers. I didn't qualify for a painting class, even though I had been taking lessons since I was 7, so I took the only hands on art class I could...intro to ceramics.

And let me tell you...I was so bad at it. I couldn't center. I couldn't make the clay walls taller than ant hill, and I was so frustrated. But something changed in those hours left in the studio with friends. I began watching, learning, and practicing. I received encouragement and support from my friend, Tia, and I vowed to get better. After that first class, I had a few vessels I still use today as tooth brush holders.

So naturally after finding a new talent and deeper connections with some friends, I took two more classes before graduating with my interior design degree in May of 2019.

But how did those three classes bring me to here?


I guess you'll have to wait and find out.