June "Consistency over Perfection" Challenge

This past month I really leaned into consistency during my time on the potter's wheel. I get hung up on the moment being perfect for inspiration or the items being fully fleshed out to be the perfect piece coming out of the kiln. But I can't always control those things so I've decided that by starting the project even if it isn't perfect really does help me flesh out those unknown in a way writing it down never could. Hooray to being a hands on learner.

So this month I am challenging myself to 25 items on the wheel for 25 days using the hashtag #consistentoverperfectMLP. I think it will probably spill over into July just a tad. And hopefully I don't run out of clay cuz that's 625 pieces in total.

Reminding myself to take small actions over tackling the big to do list has really help my ADHD and overwhelm. But because I sometimes over do it, I will only be doing this challenge Mondays - Thursdays so that Friday's I can pack for shows, rest when needed, or clean the very messy studio.

My goal here is to keep showing up on the wheel while tackling orders and stretching my creative self.

So if you want to stay updated on the progress be sure to follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mapleleafpotterynh/, and maybe even add me to your favorites.

I'll do a blog recap on Friday's of the items and the progress so be sure to check back in here, too. But for now here's a little preview of the first few days.

June 1 - Sup