New Year's Reflections + Commitments

My wheel may not spinning this week this vacation has given me lots of time to reflect on this past year and what I hope 2022 to look like.

For maple leaf pottery, it isn’t going to be about explosive growth or pushing my business to next level through hustle and grind.

Instead, this year I am making a few small commitments that will allow creatively to flow more regularly.

1️⃣I will focus on creating a realistic pace of work for myself.

2️⃣I will work to keep my website updated regularly by intentional planning of time in the studio.

3️⃣I will choose to celebrate the small and big things in my life and business before reaching for the next goal.

My hope is that through these boundaries, intentional work habits, and thankfulness practices I will be able to grow as a person, artist, and business owner, while allowing Maple Leaf Pottery to naturally follow suit.

I hope to use this blog space more in this new year to make note of all those big and small wins!

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