The little potter who could

Last year this time, I was neck deep in therapy scraping and clawing my way to life where I could find rest. I often felt disheartened at my diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD leaving me without much hope that life could move beyond the disappointments and discomfort.

I had always struggled with being a picky eater, finding comfortable clothes, and being easily spooked with loud noises. But after my severe bout with that pesky virus, my nervous system had had enough and my day to do was a surmounting cry of I can't's and too much's.

Like the little engine that could I kept facing obstacles on my journey that were just too big. It felt like all of life's demands were too much. That's when I reach out to a therapist and began working on a lot of things to help me. From new daily routines to reading books like Atomic habits and happiness trap, I began to regain some sanity. I went back to chiropractic and started yoga and massages to help strengthen my body and calm my nervous system.

But there were two big things that were the catalyst for change in my life - gratitude and hope.

I began a daily gratitude practice ... okay as daily as I could remember.... sharing with Paul 3 three things I was grateful for. This practice even spilled into my work when I began to get overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on the orders I hadn't gotten to yet I began to say this -

Today, I am thankful for the hands that have made the pots that sit around me today.

I am thankful for the heart and vision that has brought me this.