The pebble soap dish

As a potter, there’s always a new piece and a new iteration to try out. These soap dishes are proof of that. I’ve tried some different styles over the fast few year but was never satisfied with the final product.

So this new soap dish offers a few things I found I needed in my everyday soap dish.

First, the shape is inspired by pebbles to help bring the beauty of nature into your daily routine. Next the raised edge helps your soap from sliding off. The soap dish also has three holes to allow any excess water from pooling in your dish. The dish is then set on three little feet to make sure your soap can dry out between uses.

I know that not everyone loves a soap dish that drips right on the counter and that’s alright. I offer another style of self draining soap dishes exclusively through

The soaps featured here are my current favorites from Lindsay’s line - the charcoal soap bar and her amazing shampoo bar. Be sure to check her out next time you are ready to shop local for your soaps.

And as always, our lovely photos are from the talented

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