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Here's an idea of what we craft at Maple Leaf Pottery. Let us help inspire you to add pottery to your everyday.

Mugs - starting at $25

I love making mugs that people enjoy using and sharing pictures of. One of the best things I've heard since starting up pottery is, "Your mug is one I use almost everyday" or "Your mug is one of my favorites." This is honestly the highest compliment I can receive as a potter. Knowing that my pottery brings a smile to your day is my ultimate goal.


Berry Bowls - starting at $35

This one is a new item to the line up. Living in New England means there is always a farm stand or an orchard to visit. These berry bowls are not only a beautiful piece for you kitchen but a way to make beautiful memories with your friends and family.


Mixing Bowls - sets starting at $65

I love to bake! It's one of the few things that takes my mind off all the stresses of the day. I love baking goodies for friends and family. These originally came about as a design for a close friend. They came out so lovely that I decided to make more.


Pitchers - starting at $35

Pitchers are an amazing way to decorate your home with flowers or a way to serve delicious beverages in your home. For me, I love to use my pitcher to water plants. It gives me the opportunity to add a little beauty to my everyday.


Spoon Rests - Starting at $15

Spoon rests are a great addition to any kitchen. I mean who wouldn't want this adorable piece to light up the room. Use it for tea bags, spoons, holding eggs on the counter, catching the drips from your berry


Ring Holder - Starting at $15

I am constantly taking my rings off to do pottery. Having a ring holder as beautiful as my rings is a simple way to show my husband I treasure his gift. This piece is the perfect gift for a newlywed or jewelry lover.


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My goal is to make pottery for your  everyday. What is an everyday piece you are interested in?

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