The Cupboard

Here's an idea of what we craft at Maple Leaf Pottery


I love making mugs that people enjoy using and sharing pictures of. One of the best things I've heard since starting up pottery is, "Your mug is one I use almost everyday" or "Your mug is one of my favorites." This is honestly the highest compliment I can receive as a potter. Knowing that my pottery brings a smile to your day is my ultimate goal.


Berry Bowls

This one is a new item to the line up. Living in New England means there is always a farm stand or an orchard to visit. These berry bowls are not only a beautiful piece for you kitchen but a way to make beautiful memories with your friends and family.


Mixing Bowls

I love to bake! It's one of the few things that takes my mind off all the stresses of the day. I love baking goodies for friends and family. These originally came about as a design for a close friend. They came out so lovely that I decided to make more.


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